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He's my teacher and he's great!! I would highly recommend him; he's changed my hands in the last few years
and is continuing to kick my rear end!! And yes that's also me making a cameo in the beginning of this video.


Ted...after spending mucho time enjoying your DVDs + books...I've got to give big congrats on the organized approach to the traditional material in a fresh way. I find some guys today who really need solid basic teaching...do you find some too? Anyway...thanks for your fine educational work...and you sound "the nuts" in your demos too.

Ted is among the finest of drum set educators anywhere. His technique is flawless and his ability to instill that knowledge within students is tremendous...whether it be jazz, rock, Latin combo or big band...Ted MacKenzie is one of the most versatile and sensitive drummers today.

Ted's skill as an instructor can only be matched by his abilities as a musician. By educating students on the immeasurable benefits of building a strong rudimental foundation, Ted gives young and old students alike both the skills which will elevate their playing to levels beyond their expectations and the ability to perform in front of live audiences with confidence.

What amazed me initially about Ted was he had the courage to put his name alongside Buddy Rich, as a teacher of his snare drum techniques and he backs it up big time. I have learned more about drumming from Ted in 3 months than I have the last 30 years. His command of the rudiments is scary. His razor-sharp precision and technique is awesome and inspiring. Thanks to Ted, he has helped me reinvent my playing from the ground up and at the same time rediscover my love and passion for drums. If you are serious about taking your playing to the next level, look no further than Ted Mackenzie - a pro"s pro.

Studying with Ted has been a blessing: My drumming has improved astoundingly since the first lesson. Ted's attention to foundational technique, approach to warming up, and innovative brush methods were just what I needed to improve my left hand speed as well as overall control and accuracy. My vocabulary of rudiments is much expanded and falling into place around the kit. I now have the tools necessary to make the crucial transition from amateur to professional drumming- and I'm already seeing results.

Ted's playing skills speak for themselves, but what is most amazing about him as a teacher is his ease and ability with young drummers. When my son Dominic (8 yrs old) began taking lessons, Ted started by discovering where his new student's interest were. He built his lessons from what my son was listening to. They hit it off from the start and Dominic is getting better all the time. Ted is a natural teacher.

Ted is a great teacher. If you are willing to put in a little work, Ted is ready to put in a lot. In fact when I was in 8th grade, he got me moved up from the low band to the high band in just three months! He really does a lot for you, teaching you how to be a very well-rounded drummer in all styles and perspectives.

(Solicited comments grabbed from You Tube at Ted"s online clinic from The Guitar Center)

Ted is THE MAN! His lessons were so great and he has inspired me so much, along with Jason Bittner and his lessons. Ted is such a cool guy, an AMAZING drummer, and a great teacher. Every time I plug in my kick triggers or don't rock my hi hats with my left foot, I can almost hear Ted yelling at me from miles away. hahaha.

Ted is the best collective drum instructor available today. He has been at the right places, at the right times, to gather more master knowledge and inspiration. It would be worth your time to fly out to NY and take some lessons, stay in a motel, and come back home with a fresh approach to all that you've ever been taught. I'm not kidding. Ted was my drum "mentor" if you will, in high school. A truly dedicated human being with a desire to always share his drum knowledge, rather than hoard it. Not all great players can also teach and patiently work with students like Ted does. Ted has distilled a life of terrific encounters with the masters that encompasses more than the average drummer would ever be exposed to, and can pass this vast knowledge on to the next generation of up-coming drummers

I want to take this opportunity to thank you for everything you have done for Matthew. Through your kindness, patience and extreme expertise in drumming, his natural talent has grown into something quite special. Any success he may have will most definately have your stamp on it. While the words are not quite adequate enought to express the feeling, thank you.

Ted teaches the definitive Rich/Adler method and has the hands to prove it. His skills as both a musician and an educator cannot be overstated.

I have been working on technique as you showed me, as well as working out with the brushes and Moeller mirror work. I have gained control and speed already when playing on the set. My wrists are starting to open up more, - speed comes with less effort, my sound is more even.

Ted MacKenzie was recommended to me when I was looking for some inspiration and direction in my drumming. Having majored in percussion performance in college, my technique was good at the time. However, working with Ted really opened my mind up to efficiency of motion and greater articulation. His focused teaching and methodical approach allowed me to set specific, achievable goals. I started noticing a positive change in my playing right away. Besides working through the Buddy Rich book with brushes, Ted also gave me practical brush patterns to work on. My sense of time became much stronger. With the sweeping brush strokes, I had to feel the space between the notes. Also, because of my interest in vintage drums, Ted took the time to show me how to check bearing edges and what to do if they needed some work. Through all of the lessons Ted was always super positive and eager to teach. I always felt like his number one student when I was there. Ted creates a very positive learning environment and I have since recommended him to many drummers, all with positive experiences.

"Ted creates a very positive learning environment and I have since recommended him to many drummers, all with positive experiences. " -- Chad Ploss

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