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Buddy Rich's
Modern Interpretation of
Snare Drum Rudiments


Ballston Lake, New York - Ted MacKenzie, one of the Capital Region's top jazz drummers and private percussion instructors, has revised one of the most important books ever published in the percussion literature. The revision was published in May, 2005 by Music Sales Corp., one of the world's top music publishers.

"We're very pleased to be able to make this invaluable book available to drummers once again," says Barrie Edwards, President of Music Sales Corp. "The revised edition is an inspired accomplishment."

The book, the 1942 classic Buddy Rich's Modern Interpretation of Snare Drum Rudiments, was written by the legendary drummer Buddy Rich in collaboration with the equally renowned drum teacher, Henry Adler. The book is widely regarded as one of the most important snare-drum rudimental books ever written. For example, Modern Drummer magazine has called it one of the top ten snare-drum books ever written.


Mackenzie, who studied with Adler in the 1960's and has been practicing and teaching the Adler method for nearly four decades, was chosen to revise the book because of his knowledge and mastery of the technical details of Adler's approach.

"I've been fortunate to work with hundreds of drum students over the years who have benefited from the Rich book and the Adler method," MacKenzie said. "Now the updated book includes detailed explanations of the Adler method that were not part of the original edition."

Jack Sperling, a former student of Adler's, was one of the top big-band drummers for over half of the 20th century, reviewed the revision and offered a strong endorsement of the book.

Sperling said, "This is a great system for all drummers, from every aspect-heart and soul".

The revised version of the book retains the rudimental exercises in the original and adds detailed descriptions of the Adler method-the grip, the wrist turn, accents, rebound control and so on. These insights are the foundation of the Adler method, but they were not described in previous editions of the book. The revision also includes expert line drawings and photos that illustrate the fine points of the Adler method. MacKenzie, a long-time professional graphic artist, did these drawings himself.

MacKenzie is a full time drum instructor and performs regularly with top jazz combos throughout northeastern New York, including the Ray Alexander Trio, the Jon LeRoy Organ Trio, Sonny & Perley, the Happy Hooligans and Thriv'n on a Riff.

Modern Drummer - March, 2006

"Ted is THE MAN! His lessons were so great and he has inspired me so much..." --SCARVERS 18

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